Photostory of the day: ‘Kelly Osbourne Actor, Author, Musician, Designer. Los Angeles’

Kelly Osbourne

Shirt, Céline; Pants, Issa; Necklace, Anna Dello Russo x H&M; Shoes, Aldo

What’s been so great about working with Nicolas is that like any great stylist, he gets that, and as opposed to trying to re-invent my look, he takes what I love to the next level. – Kelly Osbourne

I began working with Kelly in September 2010. I have a Parisian chic aesthetic and I was able to bring that to Kelly’s British eclectic sensibility. It made a good mix. – Nicolas Bru
Τop Row: Unknown Designer, Versace, Casadei; Middle Row: Casadei, Unknown Designer, Alexander McQueen;Bottom Row: Loeffler Randall, Miu Miu, Unknown Designer

Studded Heels, Alexander McQueen; Studded Flats, Loeffler Randall

To this day, I love the look we did for Emmy’s 2012. – Nicolas Bru
Blue Heels, YSL; Orange Heels, Unknown Designer; Purple Heels, Casadei

Shirt, Céline; Pants, Issa; Necklace, Anna Dello Russo x H&M; Shoes, Aldo

Dress, Alexander McQueen; Jacket, Burberry

Kelly is a risk taker. – Nicolas Bru
Jacket, Burberry; Shoes, Miu Miu

Jumpsuit, CHANEL; Suspenders, CHANEL

Jewelry, Various Designers

Jewelry, Various Designers; Mouth Earrings, Yazbukey

Jewelry, Various Designers

Blazer, Custom by Kelly Osbourne; Dress, Alexander McQueen

Shirt, Céline; Pants, Issa; Necklace, Anna Dello Russo x H&M; Shoes, Aldo

Hat, Unknown Designer; Jacket, Céline; Bag, Pierre Hardy

Sunglasses, Illesteva

Sunglasses, Illesteva

Bag, Custom CHANEL

My stylist, Nicolas, stumbled upon a CHANEL pop-up store in an old gas station during Paris Fashion Week last year. André, the street artist, was customizing bags so Nicolas called and woke me up in the middle of the night to ask if I wanted one. Without batting an eye I said yes, hung up the phone, and went back to sleep. It was in my hands upon his arrival the next day. – Kelly Osbourne
Bag, Custom CHANEL



I was on holiday with my family in the south of France with Elton [John], and he caught me staring at these shoes. Unbeknownst to me he bought the whole collection and surprised me with it as we left the store. He is such an incredibly lovely and generous man and a dear, dear friend. I love him. – Kelly Osbourne
Black Flats, ROCHAS; Tennis Ball Heels, CHANEL

Scarf, Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses, Illesteva; Sequin Collar, Unknown Designer

We have an unspoken agreement that at each fitting I am allowed to have her try one outfit she would usually not wear; a lot of times she has ended up wearing [that outfit] on the carpet. – Nicolas Bru




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