69 Fabulous Lorelai Gilmore Quotes That Show Why She’s The Greatest

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Thought Catalog

I don’t have a lot of dating dealbreakers, except that I think we should both agree that I’m awesome and that we should have sex. Without that base to go from, everything else seems a bit pointless. However, I don’t know if I could date someone who doesn’t like Gilmore Girls, because I feel like they wouldn’t like me very much. I live, breathe and speak Gilmore — and frankly, they came first. We’ve got history, baby.

In particular, Lorelai Gilmore deserves special recognition, for being the woman who made me who I am. Most people have parents or relatives to thank. I was raised by a fictional TV character. However, the consolation is that she’s one of the greatest TV characters of all-time — wise and loving with the fastest wit this side of the Algonquin.

In paying tribute to Ms. Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, it’s difficult not to…

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